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Holder in Hot Water Over Fast and Furious, Google and Apple are Watching You, Bloggers Get SWATted, The Treacherous Rand Paul, Soda, Frozen Brains, Treehouses, and Drones, Drones, Drones

Holder Claims Internal E-mails Do Not Refer to “Fast and Furious”

Mole Helps Prosecutors Attack DOJ

House Schedules Contempt Vote Against Holder

Rep. Demands Investigation into Blog “Swattings”

Obama is Spying on You

Microsoft and Yahoo are Selling Your Data to Politicians

Napolitano: Drones are Big Brother

Google and Apple Use Planes to Spy in Your Backyard

Border Agency Has Too Many Drones

The Eye of Sauron never blinks.

Rand Paul Endorses Romney

Ron Paul Supporters Totally Pissed

Rand Paul: “No Comment” on Bilderberg

Who knew Bilderberger Romney would be such a tough sell to freedom lovers?

Soldier Suicides Soar to One a Day Average

Obama: The Weaknesses in the Economy are Due to State and Local Gov’t Cuts

Krugman: The Weaknesses in the Economy are Due to State and Local Gov’t Cuts

Food Stamp Spending up 100% Since Obama Took Office

Secret Kill List Reveals Obama’s Real Foreign Policy

Drones Fail to Kill Al-Qaeda Leader (Again)

Obama Ordered Cyberattacks Against Iran

New York Times Journalist Defends Leaks

GOP Leaders Skeptical About Leak Probe Investigators

Quick! We need to rearrange more deck chairs!

Green Police in Miami Beach Will Fine You for Not Recycling

Philly Mayor Backs Soda Ban While Opening a Milkshake Stand

Feds Will Destroy Most Awesome Treehouse Ever

Freezer Failure Sets Back Autism Research by Years

Baby Monkeys Develop Autism After Receiving the MMR Vaccine

LOST is Centralized Control of the Majority of the Earth’s Surface


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