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Globalists Kick Off World War III in Syria While Spying on Us, Poisoning Us, and Turning Us Into Cyborgs


Obama War Machine Announces Plans to Invade Syria

Arab League Report Provides Evidence that CIA, Mossad, and MI6 are Responsible for Syrian Violence

US/Israel Stage Media Coup in Syria

Russian Helicopters Shipped to Syria

Transhumanists Want to Turn Humanity Into the Borg Collective

Are Genetically Engineered Foods Promoting Autism?

European Union May Enforce Capital Controls on Greece

Chart Reveals Bilderberg’s Connection to Everything in the World

Bill Gates Wants to Spy on Your Kids

Bill Gates Wants to Kill Grandma

Bill Gates Wants to Kill You

Want to Live Longer? Move to New York. . . Or Anywhere

North Dakota May Liberate Itself from the State’s Confiscatory Property Tax

64 Secret Drone Bases on American Soil

Apple Employee Falls to His Death in China

One of Saturn’s Moons May Have Tropical Lakes


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