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Fatcat Conspiracists Want to Bomb Syria and Send Troops to Your Town While Hollywood Lies for Them

Supreme Court will Rule on Idaho Land Grab

Obama Squandered Chance for Peace in Afghanistan

House Bill Will Expand TSA Intel Sharing to Mass Transit

Poverty Levels Unchanged Despite Massive Welfare Spending

Will Downed Turkish Plane Become the “Gulf of Tonkin” for Syria?

Bilderberg Plan to Force Turkey into Syrian War

NATO’s plan to pull a false flag in Syria not exactly “top gun.”

Iraq Orders Media Closure

The True Source of Monopoly

Media Dismisses Domestic Troop Maneuvers as Harmless

“But how can they not like me? I’m trying to civilize them.”

Sorkin’s “Newsroom” as a Lofty Map for CNN

“Newsroom” Premieres, America Snores

“Newsroom” Gets Almost Everything Wrong


One thought on “Fatcat Conspiracists Want to Bomb Syria and Send Troops to Your Town While Hollywood Lies for Them

  1. You can actually watch the Newsroom pilot online, if you feel like subjecting yourself to that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U4ZhFDFYvE&feature=youtu.be. I have to confess that I’ve liked the Sorkin movies that I’ve seen (A Few Good Men, Charlie Wilson’s War, The Social Network), but what I’ve seen of the West Wing and Sports Night just drives me up the wall. Overwritten, sanctimonious civics lessons. Don’t know why movie Sorkin is better than TV Sorkin.

    Speaking of bad writing, I’m not surprised at all that Chad Garrison (what an appropriate name!) couldn’t spell “martial law” correctly. I’ve notices that not only are mainstream sites shitty when it comes to reporting, the writing is invariably of low quality. Some of the best writing and journalism today is being done by amateurs on blogs.

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