“State of the Species” Report

My name is Michael Gillham. I am 29 years old. I live in the year 2012 AD during the twilight of what will be called the American Empire. My nation, once moral and upstanding, has been covertly overtaken by a legion of sheer evil. This insidious shadow state has infected governing bodies throughout the world. The leaders of this dark council are the heads of major corporations, the scions of international banking cartels, the heads of various states and their noteworthy underlings, and a small handful of wealthy and powerful families. Their goal? The total domination of every living thing on Earth. They want to control, contain, beat, medicate, tax, indoctrinate, imprison, and ultimately exterminate every human being who lives outside of their ranks. And, as of the year 2012 AD, they are winning.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to do something a little different today. I don’t have a YouTube video planned for this post. Instead, I’m going to write up something that gives a broader picture of where the nation, the world, and the human species is headed and what I think we can start to do differently. Call it a State of the Species Report. Nightwatchman News will be primarily links to recent news stories accompanied by my video commentary, but occasionally I’d like to write something that’s more rehearsed, more measured, than an impromptu video. This is an effort to codify our action plan into something more concrete, but I also want you to gain a fuller understanding of our philosophy beyond the headlines. We want you to not only read the news and become informed, but understand the machinations of the state in its multifarious guises so that you can more fully understand the course of human events not only in the past and present, but chart our human trajectory accurately into the future.

Of course, the news is always important. This week has been especially momentous for so many reasons. All of the usual links can be found below. Fair warning, every story has the usual New World Order snakes under every rock. Our top story is the passage of the Individual Mandate, otherwise  known as Obamacare, by the treasonous Supreme Court. I’ll have to admit that this time they had me fooled. I actually believed Judge Sotomayor and Judge Roberts when they said that the law “appeared” to be unconstitutional. For a moment there, it looked as if Obamacare couldn’t possibly get through. But now I have a fuller understanding of how the system actually works. The judges provide the cover of dissent, and then they simply do the bidding of the Executive Branch when the all-important moment arrives. This way, Americans can pretend that the judges really cared about our laws as they’re plainly described in the Constitution. You know, that part about how Congress can’t make you buy anything. Oh, but wait, let’s make Obamacare a tax. Yes, that tidies everything up for the President. Justice Roberts tipped the scales in favor of the law to make the vote 5-4. Bush appointed Judge Roberts is a traitor to the American people. You see, it doesn’t matter who appoints these judges. They are neither conservative nor liberal. They are mere employees of the executive who serves the New World Order. Our Fearless Leader must be so proud of these judges. Now the insurance companies and Big Pharma are richer than ever and Americans are all the more penniless. But, they had me going there. They really had me going.

The TSA? Where to begin. First, a man has a jar that he’s carrying his grandfather’s ashes in opened up, which is prohibited by TSA, and the ashes and bone fragments spill everywhere. While he scrambles to clean it up, the TSA worker laughs at him. TSA has realized that situations like this have created a bit of an image problem with the agency. They need to show an act of goodwill to the slaves of the New World Order that they’re charged with fondling. I know! Let’s stop groping celebrities and politicians! Surely, they would never smuggle a bomb aboard a plan. Why, they’re the worshiped class. They can do no wrong. Middle America will adore us if we keep our hands off of their beloved celebrities and politicians. But what about grandma? She’s definitely a terrorist. We’re going to have to remove her diaper to check for contraband.

Let’s talk about this “bath salts” thing. Bath salts are essentially a potent form of ecstasy, with properties of cocaine and methamphetamine. It’s called “bath salts” because it has a chemical compound that is different enough from the illegal form of ecstasy to avoid illegality. It has the brand name of a generic household product to disguise what it is further. Because of this, drugs like bath salts can be sold legally because they don’t match the compound that has been made illegal. Most forms of bath salts were made illegal two years ago, but they are still sometimes sold in headshops and online. Different compounds of drugs are appearing on the streets faster than the drug war can illegalize them. The legal bureaucracy is slow and cumbersome, and designer drug makers are well ahead of the curve producing club drugs that are chemically different enough to be technically legal.

Enter the faithful propagandists in the mainstream media to shill for law enforcement and sell the public on the wholesale attack of peaceful people using substances that have not been pushed on us by the official state-pharmaceutical complex. This is a war on SOME drugs, not all drugs. Never mind that accidental prescription drug overdoses are now the SECOND leading cause of death in America, bath salts are triggering a cannibal holocaust! But wait a minute. A little cursory digging, which really just involves reading news stories beyond the headlines, reveals that there are NO reports of murders resulting from bath salts use. Remember, that terrible face-eating incident that happened on a causeway in Florida? An autopsy was performed on the attacker. Turns out the attacker, Rudy Eugene, was not on bath salts during the assault. But it doesn’t matter. The mainstream press has already launched its false rumors on bath salts and turned Americans who don’t know how to read into crusaders against this designer drug. Similarly, The Canadian Post reported on a violent attack on police that was probably the result of bath salts. How do they know? There’s no conclusive evidence that bath salts were involved. There’s no toxicology reports that can positively identify bath salts being used by the perpetrators. Those tests take weeks to complete. In fact, the Canadian Post is so sloppy that even the report that they link to about a bizarre incident where a man cut his belly open and threw his entrails at police makes NO MENTION of bath salts, yet they insist that this attack is bath salts related. Even the so-called liberal press at “Spin” magazine has written a piece on bath salts that makes “Reefer Madness” look tame.

So now you’re informed, but what does it all mean? A common thread can be found in every one of the news stories that I’m bringing to you today. Power is being progressively and radically centralized. There is withering oversight of the individuals who exercise this power and any opposition to the power establishment is being met with avoidance and outright hostility, not just from the servants of the power structure but by the very people that the power structure is actively oppressing. We are gradually approaching a tipping-point, to use that ruined phrase. The nations of the world will be divided into the master classes and the slave classes. Opposition will become more motivated, more focused, and the powerful will become more violent and oppressive in their methodology of control. These two groups will battle for the future of the masses of people that have been medicated and brainwashed into non-acting spectatorship.

How did we get here? The elite are just now realizing their long-term intergenerational plan for global government. Our present situation is the product of over one hundred years of power consolidation within the ruling class. They have successfully enlisted the media to flood the subconsciouses of millions with messages of inconsequence that promote vapid consumerism and passive apathy. The press has been almost entirely infiltrated by the controlling interest and they actively promote the controlling agenda when they are not reporting on non-political events. The prevailing educational institutions are staffed by well-paid bureaucrats who sell our youth on centrally controlled methodologies. It doesn’t matter if these methodologies are Republicanism, Socialism, Representative Democracy. All have been co-opted and subsumed into the program of global control by the elite, because all are doctrines that promote central leadership governing a mass of people that must be indoctrinated, lied to, taxed, and coerced into buying the products produced by the corporate monopolists who have used the state to gain an unfair advantage in the market place.

These elites have a hellish future planned for us. They are planning to dissolve all national sovereignty, and institute a global government controlled by a grid of technocrats. They will use the emerging technologies of biotech, nanotech, robotics, and neuroengineering, to manipulate our thoughts and emotions and remove any possibility of resistance. To achieve this, they will have to re-educate or exterminate massive numbers from the population who wish to remain free human beings and not cyborgs on the slave grid.

What is to be done? We must form a coalition of human beings who wish to remain free. We must enlist out of the masses an elite corps who are charged with the safeguarding of humanity. We must become activists who peacefully resist the New World Order by educating others about their abuses of power. We must opt-out of the control grid by educating ourselves on current events and history from reputable sources, reducing the amount of digital entertainment that we consume, purifying our water that has been polluted with mind-killing contaminants, eating clean organic food that has not been genetically manipulated with harmful technology, and exercising regularly to enhance our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. We must plant our own food and store food in the event of an emergency. We must ensure that we are adequately armed and trained to use weapons if the state initiates a violent police action against us.

We must have hope, because empire and tyranny has historically never been able to sustain itself for long. We must de-centralize and harness the incredible technologies that the elite want to use to control us and kill us. We must imagine a future where our grandchildren will build a union of free people without the parasite class of government and its crony clients; a future where mutual respect, cooperation, and non-violence form the morals of people the world over; a future where we will build spacecraft to transport us to meet our friends on other worlds who will remember us as a peaceful people dedicated to freedom, liberty, prosperity, and love. This is our only option. There’s no going back. The freedom movement requires total commitment if we are to defeat these tyrants, but the moment that you make that commitment, that great leap into the unknown, you have become free. And that freedom can never be taken away. Keep fighting, brothers and sisters, heart-to-heart and hand-in-hand, and I will meet you in that shining new frontier where freedom reigns supreme.

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One thought on ““State of the Species” Report

  1. Great post, Mike!

    Funny how the first thing I heard about bath salts was that it was a new form of LSD, whereas it’s actually closer to a new form of meth.

    In the realm of cuckoolander observations:

    I keep thinking about the revival of zombies in popular culture that has exploded in that last decade (which I wrote about here http://abeginnersguidetotheendoftime.blogspot.com/2012/03/enduring-mythology-of-apocalypse.html), and then one day, whaddya know, a wave of cannibal related news stories, and the “it’s the zombie apocalypse” meme replicates like wildfire. Life influences art influences life. The collective unconscious knows more than we think it does. Life is myth.

    I believe psychological symbolism of the zombie has two facets: First, it means we fear the survival of civilization, at least at its current level of development. Second, we fear we cannot trust our fellow citizens. In zombie stories, regular people are always getting killed because they’re mistaken for zombies, and people are always having to murder their loved ones because they’ve become zombies. Social chaos and regression to a primitive state.

    Also, at the sociopolitical level, zombies are the ultimate extension and reductio ad absurdum of “consumerism” (as George Romero of course realized in Dawn of the Dead).

    And it’s not just zombie movies either: “When the chips are down, these… these civilized people, they’ll eat each other. See, I’m not a monster. I’m just ahead of the curve.”- The Joker

    QE3 is a bad portent in light of these trends.

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