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Freedom! Clinton Liberates Africa of it’s Resources, Al-Qaeda Liberates Syrians From Their Lives, and The Batman Shooting Liberates us from Reality!



China Sees Through Clinton’s “Humanitarian Mission” in Africa

The Real Reason Obama Wants to Send Troops to Uganda

Hillary Clinton salutes her Luciferean banker overlords.

“Al-Qaeda Light” Muslim Brotherhood Establish Stronghold in Syria

Mainstream Press Lauds Al-Qaeda as Heroes as They Murder Innocents in Syria

German Intelligence Confirms Al-Qaeda is a Major Part of the Free Syria Army

How the American Government Works Hand-in-Glove with Al-Qaeda

The Controlled Demolition of Syria

Al-Qaeda: Real American Heroes!

Tax Dollars Wasted on Experimental Green Government Police State Ghetto

Obama Violates the Privacy of his Voting Base

Innocent Homeless Man has his Property Stolen by Gun-Grabbing Cops

Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ

Penn State President Who Covered Up Child Rape Now Has Top Secret Government Job

James Holmes’s Family Tied to DARPA and Mind Control Work

Witnesses at Sikh Temple Shootings Report Multiple Shooters

James Holmes: The Ronald McDonald patsy?


2 thoughts on “Freedom! Clinton Liberates Africa of it’s Resources, Al-Qaeda Liberates Syrians From Their Lives, and The Batman Shooting Liberates us from Reality!

  1. Thanks for bringing the Syria situation to my attention, and Al Qaeda’s new status as freedom fighters. Orwell had originally seen the propaganda strategy of the state as training people in the art of doublethink, so that it could switch the enemy/ally from Eurasia to Eastasia, and the people would adjust their memories accordingly. That still sometimes happens, mainly with the “intellectuals” (i.e. the lower party members) but mostly they keep people (the proles) so stupid and ignorant of foreign affairs (with poor education, and using the media to constantly promote debates of no importance) that nobody notices anyway.

    I’m intrigued by the Holmes family’s DARPA connection, as well as Michael Page’s former employment in Army Psy-Ops.

    • Exactly. Oceania has never been at war with Eastasia. America has never been at war with Al-Qaeda. The media’s complicity in this doublethink is perhaps the most galling element of this Syrian campaign. Unfortunately for the MSM, most Americans would be unwilling to commit Al-Qaeda’s complicity in 9/11 to the memory hole and I think many people would be very startled to discover Al-Qaeda cooperating with Western governments in Syria. It could serve as a useful jumping off point to awaken people to the truth. Page and Holmes’s connections to black ops and DARPA could be coincidental, though I find it unlikely. Later, perhaps much later, we will begin to glimpse the truth behind these shooting but, unfortunately for you and I, the public will have committed these stories to the memory hole when that happens.

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