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Romney and Ryan Want to Own You, DHS Wants to Kill You, and Facebook Wants to Steal Your Face



Obama May Use Executive Order to Implement Whatever He Wants

NYC Unleashes Hellish Technological Police State on It’s Citizens

Greetings. I am NYPD’s Domain Awareness System. How may I help you?

Fareed Zakaria Takes a Little Vacation From CNN After Plagiarization

Paul Ryan is a George Bush-Style State Socialist

Aw shucks, folks. I just want to steal all your money to kill the hadjis. Honest injun.

Ten Most Profitable US Companies Pay Almost No Taxes

DHS Doesn’t Want You to Know It Bought Billions of Rounds of Ammo

US Army Manuals Describe How to Deal with an Armed Domestic Insurrection

DoD to Fund a Project to Create Terminator-Style Killbots

It turns out Uncle Sam won’t be needing you after all.

AP Pictures Obama as a Beatific Wizard Accidentally on Purpose

Police in South Africa Massacre Striking Mine Workers

German Privacy Advocates Investigate Facebook’s Face Recognition Features

Facebook Rolls Out Creepy ‘Minority Report’ Style Advertising Tech

Psychologists: Facebook Abstainers are Probably Mass Murdering Psychopaths

Hacked Emails Reveal a Secret Spy Network Operating Domestically

Anonymous Calls for Shutdown of Trapwire This Saturday

Express your disgust on the 18th of August


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