With Unemployment Already High, Why Are Leftists Pushing for an Increase in the Minimum Wage?

Originally posted on International Liberty:
The unemployment rate has been stuck above 8 percent ever since Obama pushed through his ill-fated stimulus scheme to increase the burden of government spending. This high level of joblessness presumably reduces Obama’s chances of getting reelected, so you would think that Democrats would be very leery of proposals that…

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Romney and Ryan Want to Own You, DHS Wants to Kill You, and Facebook Wants to Steal Your Face

    Obama May Use Executive Order to Implement Whatever He Wants NYC Unleashes Hellish Technological Police State on It’s Citizens Fareed Zakaria Takes a Little Vacation From CNN After Plagiarization Paul Ryan is a George Bush-Style State Socialist Ten Most Profitable US Companies Pay Almost No Taxes DHS Doesn’t Want You to Know It … Continue reading

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New Podcast at Anarchy and Culture!

Hey gang, check out me and my friends Jason Gillham, Ray Mangum, and Joe Mangum on the latest podcast from Anarchy and Culture, where we discuss “The Paranoid Style in American Politics” by Richard Hofstadter, and Jesse Walker’s “The Paranoid Center.” You’ll be so entertained you’ll forget all about the NSA totally reading and listening … Continue reading

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Freedom! Clinton Liberates Africa of it’s Resources, Al-Qaeda Liberates Syrians From Their Lives, and The Batman Shooting Liberates us from Reality!

    China Sees Through Clinton’s “Humanitarian Mission” in Africa The Real Reason Obama Wants to Send Troops to Uganda “Al-Qaeda Light” Muslim Brotherhood Establish Stronghold in Syria Mainstream Press Lauds Al-Qaeda as Heroes as They Murder Innocents in Syria German Intelligence Confirms Al-Qaeda is a Major Part of the Free Syria Army How the … Continue reading

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Fatcat Conspiracists Want to Bomb Syria and Send Troops to Your Town While Hollywood Lies for Them

Supreme Court will Rule on Idaho Land Grab Obama Squandered Chance for Peace in Afghanistan House Bill Will Expand TSA Intel Sharing to Mass Transit Poverty Levels Unchanged Despite Massive Welfare Spending Will Downed Turkish Plane Become the “Gulf of Tonkin” for Syria? Bilderberg Plan to Force Turkey into Syrian War Iraq Orders Media Closure … Continue reading

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Global Statists Plot to Tax You for Living, Sell You a Fake War in Syria, and Kill Your Grandma

Hello my friends! It’s been a busy week for the cult of eugenicist corporate statist control freaks, and as usual, we will give them no quarter. We’re putting this post up a couple of hours later than planned because some minor technical problems resulting from poor planning on my part and cheap equipment forced me … Continue reading